trying to straighten a branch
canvas, found branches, white yarn, pine wood
Bridging two past works Ways To Tie Trees and Rules for photographing a scoliotic patient, Trying to straighten a branch is an attempt to re-align tree branches by means of sewing them against a two dimensional surface.The minimalistic assemblages present different views on both sides, merging natural and man-made materials into a single sculptural form. The symbolic gesture alludes to the tension, trauma and beauty that develops when human interventions interrupt natural occurrences, akin to a spinal-fusion surgery for scoliosis or tree-staking used in landscaping.
This work was presented at a group show titled 'Cuttings' at Mizuma Gallery, Singapore between 16 Aug - 11 Sep 2022. More information here.

Documentation of 'Cuttings' at Mizuma Gallery, Singapore. Image courtesy of Marvin Tang.

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