deconstructed solar toys
Timekeepers is a window display of deconstructed solar toys that reacts to varying amounts of sunlight across the day. Mini built-in solar panels containing photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s energy into electricity, generating a magnetic field which creates movement. Higher intensity of sunlight produces greater and more visible undulations. Without light, the light-sensitive objects come to a standstill.
By removing the original ornamental figurines and exposing the skeleton of these commonplace objects, the clocklike movements are amplified as signifiers of time passing. While time appears to be slipping away in the hypnotic set-up, the solar toys are re-imagined as inoperative and absurd timekeeping devices that posits our experience of time as subjective and immeasurable.
This work was presented in a group show titled 'Bad Clocks: Alley Through A Pinhole' at Objectifs Lower Gallery between 6 Jan - 5 Feb 2023, as part of the Singapore Art Week. More information here.

Installation of Timekeepers by the window of Objectifs Lower Gallery. Image courtesy of Dave Lim.

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