rules of photographing a scoliotic patient (working title)
2020 - ongoing
Developing out of personal experience with scoliosis and a chance encounter with medical archive at the Wellcome Collection, rules of photographing a scoliotic patient finds its way through found images, text, materials and objects related to the abnormal curvature of the spine.
Through arrangement of visual and tactile materials and collaboration with other scoliotic individuals, this ongoing exercise attempts to make sense of various inventions of spinal interventions, the role of image-making in the medical field, the male gaze towards the female body and human experiences of living with spinal deformity.
This work is awarded the Objectifs Documentary Award 2021 and is currently developing under the mentorship of Hannah Reyes Morales, supported by Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Film. It will be presented at Objectifs in March 2022.
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